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A New Jersey resident who fell on a slippery substance in a New York supermarket, sustained a torn meniscus that required an arthoscopic procedure. He agreed to accept an offer of $120,000 to settle his case before trial. GET THE $ YOU DESERVE 

Our client sustained a torn rotator cuff and herniated discs in his back when he was stopped and struck from behind. He underwent arthoscopic surgery on his shoulder and was out of work for a sgnificant period of time. The case settled while awaiting the decision of an arbitrator. GET THE $ YOU DESERVE

The defendent admitted he did not see our client when he backed over him causing extensive injuries, including surgery for a broken pelvis and a one month stay in a hospital. Our client, formely retired from the NYPD, agreed to accept a $1.25 million offer to halt litigation. GET THE $ YOU DESERVE 

Our client sustained a laceration on her arm when she fell in Rosebank backyard as a result of a dangerous and defective condition. She was left with a noticeable scar on her arm and agreed to accept an offer of $90,000 to settle before trial. "GET THE $ YOU DESERVE"

A former Island resident who now lives in New Jersey suffered a broken wrist when the driver of another car had a heart attack and hit her head on. She accepted $150,000 ad mediation. 

A woman who tripped and fell in a hole located in the middle of parking lot suffered a fractured ankle and agreed to accept $135,000 to settle her claim against the owner of the property.

Our client was struck by a passing vehicle on New Dorp Lane while he was emptying garbage cans. He sustained a laceration that resulted in a scar. This case went to trial and the 100k settled the case after the motorist was found to be at fault. Get the $ you deserve.

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Driving in The RainRain is blamed for thousands of accidents yearly. Many of these accidents are preventable, but are caused by careless drivers who don’t realize the severity of the weather.

When the road is wet, the water on the asphalt causes tires to lose traction. Since the rain reduces a driver’s perception it’s harder to see through the rain and cuts visibility through its action on headlights, windshields and the road itself. Although many people know to slow down in the rain, there are other important tips that will help keep you, and those who occupy the road with you, from becoming a statistic.

·        Use extreme caution after a dry spell: During a dry period, engine oil and grease accumulate on the road over time. When combined with water from a new rainfall, the road becomes very slick. Continuous rainfall will ultimately wash away the oil, but the first few hours are the most dangerous.

·         Brake early with less force: This will increase the stopping distance between you and the car in front of you, it also lets the car behind know that you’re slowing down. Moreover, be more careful when using turn signals, so the other drivers know your plans, and take turns and curves with a reduced speed than you would in normal conditions.

·        Give yourself more time to travel: Make sure to drive slower than normal when the roads are wet. Also, traffic is likely to be moving slower as well.

·        Don’t use cruise control: If you hydroplane, there’s a higher chance your car could accelerate. Cruise control also permits drivers to be less attentive and to take their foot away from the pedals.

·        After crossing a puddle, tap on your brake pedal lightly to dry off the water on your rotors.

·        Defog your windows: Your windshields will fog up quickly from the rain. Turn on both front and rear defrosters and make sure the air conditioning is turned on. Today most cars have climate control systems that automatically engage the A/C when the windshield defrost function is chosen.

As winter drags on the driving continues will continue to remain harsh. With the weather that has been occurring across the nation, motorists need to be especially mindful of their actions. By following basic winter travel rules, motorists can help make the winter season safer for themselves as well as their passengers.

Before beginning any long distance trip, a driver needs to make sure that his or her vehicle is tuned up and in good shape, especially in the winter months. When making travel plans, motorists need to be flexible, possibly leaving earlier to avoid peak traffic hours. If the weather report predicts snow and freezing conditions, then drivers need to be prepared to alter their schedules. Each time someone is behind the wheel this winter, he or she also needs to take plenty of breaks, pulling to the side of the road at the first signs of fatigue or drowsiness.

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