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Slip and Fall Injuries

Whether you sustain an injury at a public place or a private residence, a “Slip and Fall” case can be a serious matter. While most restaurants, department stores, and other businesses have worked to reduce their liability with “Wet Floor” signs, rubber mats, and other features; worker neglect and poor upkeep can still lead to [...]

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Damages Awards for Burn Victims

Burn victims often survive their injuries, but burn injury survival means long hospital stays, several reconstructive surgeries, and potential lifelong medical treatment and care. Even first- and second-degree burn injury victims can face hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Third-degree burn victims will likely face upwards of $1 million in medical costs and [...]

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Dog Bites: What Sets Off a Normally Calm and Docile Dog?

No matter how much we domesticate them, dogs are, by nature, aggressive animals. Whether they’re protecting their territory or their family, it’s in their DNA to bark, growl, and even occasionally bite if they feel threatened. And dog bites can escalate into dangerous health and legal matters. The good news is that most domesticated dogs [...]

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Nursing Home Neglect? Bite Back!

You are absolutely horrified. You did your due diligence. You researched and asked other people what the facility was like. All you got was good feedback. Then, you found the oozing bedsore on the back of your Dad's elbow. While the vast majority of nursing homes and their caregivers are caring, competent and conscientious, some [...]

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Fight Back Nursing Home Neglect

The decision to place a loved one into a nursing home isn't an easy one to make. And when you do make that decision, you do so with the belief that it's for your loved one's best interest. Sadly, you could end up entrusting your loved one into the care of a neglectful person. Should [...]

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$665,000 for a Parked Driver Struck in the Rear

Our client suffered from herniated disks in his back and a torn rotator cuff while his car was parked. His vehicle was struck in the rear and he needed surgery and a significant amount of time off from work. While awaiting a decision from an arbitrator, the case was settled for $665,000. Get the money [...]

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$135,000 for a Parking Lot Fall

After tripping and falling into a hole in a parking lot, our client suffered from a fractured ankle. She agreed to accept $135,000 and settle her claim against the property owner. Get the money you deserve, and Bite Back. If you or a loved one is injured, call D’Agostino & Associates for a free consultation.

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