New York Residents Are Reminded How Fast People May Become Burn Victims

In mid-October 2015, New Yorkers were reminded of just how quickly someone may become a burn victim. The nudge to use caution came as a result of a school bus and motorcycle accident that occurred on a normally busy stretch of Grand Central Parkway. After the initial impact, the blaze started raging out of control until New York’s finest arrived on the scene.

It wasn’t the only reminder that has recently appeared. The New York Daily News carried a story in late September 2015 about one burn victim’s quest to find her post-accident caregivers. In the piece, the victim spoke briefly about the accident and her injuries, which given her age at the time, likely took seconds to occur. Unlike other children who unfortunately become burn victims, she recovered exceptionally well.

It is a well-known fact that burns may occur both inside and outside of the body, often with grave consequences or subsequent years of costly rehabilitation. Earlier this year, the Journal of Burn Care & Research published study results that show just how costly such accidents may become for victims. For example, the researchers estimated that many victims were likely to shell out more than $80,000 for direct care alone.

Indirect costs, although not exhaustively examined by the researchers, may undoubtedly be prohibitive as well. This is especially when one considers prescription pain medications, durable medical equipment, home modifications and other items that burn victims may need to make full or partial recoveries. They could feasibly tack another several thousand dollars on to the final price tag.

To help allay those costs, burn victims should contact us. At D’Agostino & Associates P.C., we will be tenacious about recovering every dollar burn victims may be able to receive by New York State law. Initial consultations for all burn victims in our practice area are free.