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Pedestrians and the Right-Of-Way

Most of us know the old adage, “pedestrians always have the right-of-way,” but it is certainly a myth. Pedestrians are not allowed to impede traffic. As a pedestrian, you only have the right-of-way within defined crosswalks, when the lights say that you may walk. Jaywalking In most states, jaywalking is illegal. It is rarely enforced [...]

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Bike-Auto Collisions

Due to the addition of new bike lanes in many parts of the NY-Metro area many people are turning to bicycles as a mode of transportation; it is important to know when riding a bike along the road, the chance of a collision is always there. But the biggest difference between a bike-auto collision, and [...]

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Staten Island Ranks First in NYC for Dog Bites

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but on Staten Island, dog bites more common than you might think. In fact, a new study reports that out of the 5 boroughs, there are more dog bites per capita in Staten Island. Dog bite victims come into Staten Island clinics and emergency rooms at over twice the [...]

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When Are You Responsible for Snow Removal?

When snow falls in New York City, everything slows down. Schools close, subways get delayed, and buses might not even run. But when the snowfall ends, the shovelling starts. Removing snow from your sidewalk and walkways may be a difficult task, but it is a crucial one. In addition to making it easier for yourself [...]

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$200,000 Settlement for Snowy Day Slip-and-Fall

A D’agostino Law Client suffered a slip-and-fall when going into work in Dongan Hills, in January of 2015. Due to ice and snow in the parking lot, she fell and fractured her left ankle as she was coming in for work. Because of the curvature of the ground in the parking lot, water pooled in [...]

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$400,000 settlement for H.S. student hurt when dean ‘threw’ him to the floor, said lawyer

The Staten Island Advance posted an article on a $400,000 settlement awarded to a high school student on Staten Island. Shane's lawyer, Edward J. Pavia Jr., of D'Agostino and Assoicates P.C. told the Advance his client was playing a game of wiffle ball in the school's gym. The school, on the grounds of Mount Loretto [...]

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$300,000 Settlement For Letter Carrier in South Shore Slip and Fall

The Staten Island Advance posted and article on a $33,000 Settlement for a letter carrier on the South Shore. The homeowners' insurance carrier recently settled the case for the policy limit, said Pavia, a member of the Eltingville firm of Jonathan D'Agostino & Associates. The article stated: STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A letter carrier, whose [...]

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