Driving in fallAs the Fall season approaches, the weather and road conditions will change. It is important to follow fall driving safety tips to keep you safe as you take in the nice crisp air and the beautiful colors of fall. D’Agostino and Associates has come up with great tips when driving in the fall for you to consider.

Particularly in the fall, when leaves collect on the roadway and become wet, they can become very slippery, creating driving conditions similar to driving on ice. When the temperature drops below freezing, the wet leaves will freeze and be hazardous creating icy leaves on the street. Leaves also reduce the car’s traction, causing skidding and the likelihood of losing control of your car. Moreover, leaves often cover the painted lines on the street, making it difficult to know where your vehicle is on the lane.

  •        Use caution and drive slowly when on street covered with leaves, especially when turning.
  •        Potholes and bumps will be covered from leaves on the road, making it difficult to drive.
  •        Keep plenty of room between you and the other cars on the road.
  •        Remove the wet leaves under the windshield wipers so the wipers work properly.
  •        Never park your car over a pile of leaves to avoid the risk of a fire from the exhaust system.

Additional Tips

  •        Fall sunrises and sunsets can be very bright so make sure to keep a pair of sunglasses in your car. The glare from the bright sun makes it difficult to see other vehicles and the main street and the shoulder.
  •        Be on the lookout for deer’s if they live in your area. Deer’s are more active during dawn and dusk, making them a danger on the roadways. Moreover, fall is an active breeding time and they can be seen traveling in groups, so proceed with caution and drive slowly.
  •    Check your tire pressure since tires can expand and contract causing them to lose air pressure as the temperature changes.

In conclusion, using caution and driving slower during the fall lowers your chance of an accident. By following these informative tips, you will be more knowledgeable about driving in certain conditions.

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