Do You Have A Case?

Lumbar strains refer to a wide variety of injuries, sprains, and pains regarding the lower region of the back. These strains could be the result of injuries, frequent use, conditions such as arthritis, and more. Regardless of the cause of your lower back pain, if your lumbar strain is severe enough, you could potentially be eligible for long-term disability insurance. Back pain, whether acute or chronic, can almost always be debilitating if it prevents you from moving properly.

Lumbar Strain and Work-Related Injuries

Lower back pain is not uncommon for both sedentary and physical jobs. From lifting or pushing heavy boxes to long days in an office chair, your spine and back muscles can take a lot of strain throughout the workday. Additionally, your back may be injured during a work accident, such as falling from a ladder. A lumbar issue can develop slowly over time or rapidly with frequent injury.

If you are suffering from back pain as a result of injuries at work, you may be entitled to long-term disability and/or Workers’ Compensation. Your disability attorney will be able to work with you to determine the best course of action.

Lumbar Pain and Health Conditions

A number of different health conditions can contribute to a lumbar strain. Many of these can deal with chronic or persistent pain.

Your doctor(s) can help you gain a better understanding of the origins of your lumbar pain. Generally, the above conditions could be debilitating. Your lumbar strain could be a warning sign of a more serious chronic issue that needs to be addressed.

Long-Term Lumbar Pain

In most cases, lumbar injuries should return to normal after 2 to 3 weeks. If you are living with acute lumbar pain that lasts longer, or chronic back pain, you may need to seek medical attention. Take proper precautions not to aggravate the injury further. If your back pain is excessive or chronic, you should talk with your doctor about it. You may also want to visit a chiropractor for further support. They may be able to provide relief and help speed up your recovery.

Back Pain and Sedentary Careers

Many people who experience chronic back pain work in sedentary environments. While there are ways to reduce this, such as ergonomic chairs, the human spine is not meant for the level of stress that continuous sitting causes it. Getting up from your desk to take breaks, walking around the space, and stretching can help reduce the effects of this strain t your back. Consider consulting with your primary care physician or chiropractor about ways to reduce lumbar strain at work.

Older man sitting at desk and clutching lower back - lumbar strain concept

Chronic Back Pain

If your back pain is severe enough, you may need more immediate medical care, which may require time off from work. If you have long-term disability insurance, it can be important to explore your coverage plan for your options. Your disability attorney can help you file while you focus on your recovery and care. This can be especially important if you are suffering from Spinal Stenosis or another spinal condition.

Can an Attorney Help Me Get Long-Term Disability for Lumbar Strain?

If you are looking to file a long-term disability claim for your lumbar injury, you should seek out an experienced attorney. At D’Agostino & Associates, we help people living with disabling conditions such as Lumbar strain file long-term disability claims. We help you through the process step by step to help you build a strong case. Our law team is here for you.

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