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Find a Friendly and Capable Auto Accident Lawyer in Staten Island

Icy roads. Overcrowding. Failed equipment. Whatever the reason, car, bus, or train accidents can have a severe impact on your life. Injuries and the cost in vehicle repairs can wreak havoc on your finances, and you deserve compensation to cover your losses.

Unfortunately, evidence at an accident site fades quickly, and so do the memories of witnesses. Winning a bus or train accident case requires especially quick action to ensure you receive full benefits.

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Get Experienced Help with Your Car Accident Case

Typically we handle two types of car accident cases: settlements for personal injury and settlements for car damage.

Even if your car is fine after an accident, you might have a case for a personal injury claim by virtue of residual pain. We have auto accident lawyers in Staten Island, NY, who know how to navigate the complexities of such a case.

Find Confidence in Your Bus Accident Case

Bus accidents don’t happen as often as car accidents. However, when they do occur, they may be worse due to the sheer size of the vehicle involved. The danger of a rollover is higher, and the lack of seat belts can lead to injury even in less dramatic situations.

Secure Help with Your Train Accident Case

Despite the potential for disastrous train accidents, railroad crossings often lack adequate warning systems. Negligence can also lead to systems malfunctioning. Injuries also often occur among railroad employees.

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