a collection of different accolades for lawyers
a collection of different accolades for lawyers

Children in playground

Our Law Team Fights Your Battles in School, Parks, or on the Playground

If your child is injured at school, in a park, or on the playground; the first question is often about negligence. Was there a dangerous or defective condition that caused the injury? Was there a duty owed to keep the injured party free from injury? The next question is usually whether the injury occurred at a privately owned area or one that is municipally controlled. This will impact the trigger of certain statutes of limitations and filings that must be timely made. It is important to meet with your personal injury attorney, to determine the factors of your case.

Fighting for You and Your Child

Parks and playgrounds should be safe spaces for children to explore and play. When the integrity of that safety is compromised,  the park owner has failed in their duty to provide a safe place for children. The law firm of D’Agostino & Associates dedicates its entire legal team to each case. Hiring our firm to represent you and your child means that you will have our full staff behind you.

You and your family deserve compensation for your child’s injuries. Contact us, or call us 24/7 at 1-888-245-2924 to schedule your free consultation at your convenience.

Playground Safety Tips for Parents

Keeping your child safe is one of the most important duties of a parent. Following these safety tips can help reduce the risk of injury to your child when you take them to the playground. Firstly, look for any safety signs or rules for the playground. Ensure that your child is following these safety procedures. Check to ensure that the playground is age-appropriate for your child. Some playgrounds have additional safety measures for younger children. Additionally, be sure to actively watch your children. Keeping an eye on your kid can help reduce safety risks, and allow you to respond quicker in the event that they sustain an injury.

If any playground equipment looks damaged or broken, instruct your child to avoid it. Then, report it to the school or local parks department, depending on who is in charge of the park. Click here to file a park maintenance complaint in NYC.