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Dag Law Specializes in Uninsured Motorist Claims

Your automobile liability insurance limits are there to pay someone else who is injured if you cause an accident. But, what happens when the driver who hits you does not have insurance? Uninsured motorist (UM) benefits are there to protect you and/or your family members, even if you are injured by a vehicle that does not have enough coverage.

New York law requires that uninsured motorist (UM) coverage is a part of motor vehicle insurance policies. Every motor vehicle registered in the state must carry personal injury liability insurance with coverage amounts of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Similarly, every auto policy in New York has uninsured motorist coverage with the same limits. Additionally, limits such as these can be higher.

Uninsured motorist after car crash

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

UM coverage is the least expensive coverage you can buy—often as little as a few dollars a week can buy $100,000 worth of UM coverage. Protect yourself and your family. Increase your UM coverage today. If you are uncertain about your policy limits or have questions about UM coverage, call us now.
This coverage protects motorists and their passengers from other drivers who drive illegally without insurance. One of every 8 motorists on the road in New York is uninsured, according to an estimate from the Insurance Information Institute.

Thankfully, the law is on your side if the uninsured driver is at fault in the accident. However, collecting uninsured motorist benefits may not be simple. Your insurance company may try to deny your claim or offer a settlement that is far less than what you deserve for your injuries.

Insurance Companies and Uninsured Motorists

Overall, dealing with an uninsured motorist can be a challenge. Recovery from damages can be more difficult. Generally, your insurance company wants the other motorist’s plan to pay for damages. Because they are uninsured, your insurance will likely be uncooperative for your payout. Insurance companies will seek out almost any reason not to pay out for damages. Because of this, you should have an experienced legal team to back you up. D’Agostino & Associates has been helping people like you get the compensation they deserve for their auto accidents for over 30 years. We know how to navigate the negotiation proceedings with the insurance companies. While these companies will attempt to use complex contracts to get away with not compensating for repairs, our legal team can fight back. We can help you go on the offensive to get your due compensation.

Accidents with an Underinsured Motorist

Underinsured motorists are drivers whose insurance does not cover the full extent of the damages of an accident. This can often happen for people who pay for minimal coverage or those who are involved in an accident with an exceptionally expensive vehicle. In these cases, you can generally sue for the remainder of what is not covered by the insurance.

Filing a Claim Against an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver

Any driver can file a claim against another whose insurance doesn’t fully cover the accident. However, not having insurance isn’t enough to just win you the case. There are many factors to an auto accident, and your attorney can help you determine fault. Compensation for an accident generally includes medical care and auto repairs.

Talk With Your Attorney Immediately

Don’t speak with the insurance company until you speak with an attorney. Talk with one of our lawyers who has experience handling New York uninsured motorist claims. The insurance companies have lawyers representing them. You must have a lawyer representing you. We will keep in close contact with you as we work through your case. Our skilled lawyers and dedicated support staff keep in constant communication with our clients. D’Agostino & Associates P.C. has offices in New York and New Jersey. Contact us, or call us at 1-888-245-2924 to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.