a collection of different accolades for lawyers
a collection of different accolades for lawyers

attorney discussing a lawsuit in MiddletownInjury Law Firm in Middletown, NJ

Many residents choose to settle in Middletown, NJ because it’s a safe community. Middletown sits in the northern part of Monmouth County on the Sandy Hook Bay and Time Magazine even named it as one of the best places to live in 2014. But accidents can happen no matter where you are.

If you experience an auto accident or another type of personal injury, you need an experienced auto accident lawyer in Middletown, NJ. At J D’Agostino & Associates, P.C., we care about each of our clients. Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and other associates helps you get compensation to cover costs for your injuries.

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No matter how big or small your case, we’ll treat you like our most important client—and we won’t back  down in getting you results.

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Jonathan D’Agostino started our law firm in 1990 to protect and defend the injured. An auto accident lawyer in Middletown, NJ is ready to defend you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 732-817-0140 today to schedule a consultation. You can also submit any questions through our online contact form.