What Qualifies as Functional Impairment

Functional Impairment can include offsite difficulties. One example is a construction worker had their right foot crushed in a construction accident. As a result they were unable to work at their old job. When asked “Suppose we got you a job sitting behind a desk at a movie theater, just collecting tickets from people as they entered the theater. Is there any reason why you can not perform that job?” While they would be able to perform the job, they would be unable to get to the job. Due to his right foot being crushed in the accident, he was unable to walk, unable to drive, and was even unable to get to the bus to use public transportation to get to the job. So while he would be able to perform the job, his disability prevented him from getting to the job. This is only one case of Functional Impairment but it still qualified the person for Social Security Disability benefits.