Over 1.8 billion New Yorkers ride the subway system everyday. The underground tracks are almost always in use, day or night. The MTA works to keep riders safe from harm and keep the trains running on time. But unfortunately, people can still be injured, or even killed, in subway stations all across NYC. If you or a loved one is injured in a subway station or on the subway, you may have a case for an injury suit.

Most Common Subway Injuries

The more likely injuries in the subway station involve tripping and/or slipping. Many subway stations rely on stairs to get riders below street level. Unkempt staircases, whether dirty, damaged, icy, or wet can pose a danger to the safety of riders. Pair that with the pushing and shoving from other commuters, and you can get seriously injured.
Broken or loose handrails on steps can also contribute to injuries involving the stairs of a subway station. Be mindful if the handrail is loose and try to use the other side if possible.

Train Accidents

Every year, about 50 people are killed and another 150 are injured by incoming trains in the New York subways. These types of injuries are few and far between, but getting hit by a train, even one slowing down as it approaches the station can be fatal. Train crashes are even less likely, but can result in the injury or death of hundreds of people.

If You Are Injured

Use caution and be mindful in subway stations. If you or a loved one suffers from an injury that occurred in a subway station, call 911 or use the MTA help point for emergency medical assistance. See a doctor for a full evaluation of the injury. You may want to consider taking legal action for compensation as a result of the injury.
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