JUUL Nicotine Addiction in Minors Lawsuits

JUUL e-cigarettes and vapor pods were marketed as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. The company that produces these products, JUUL Labs, are facing lawsuits alleging that they did not adequately warn users of certain risks associated with their products. Although they market their products as safer, they still contain nicotine. Moreover, JUUL pods contain more nicotine than other leading competitors in the e-cigarette market. Nicotine is an incredibly addictive substance. Additionally, it can be potentially harmful to one’s health.

Nicotine Addiction and JUUL Pods

Nicotine can be harmful at any age but can be even more dangerous for children and teens. Those of a young age are significantly more likely to become addicted to Nicotine. JUUL Labs did not do enough to warn consumers of these risks and may have potentially marketed directly to children and teens.

Minors and Vapes

JUUL and JUUL pod in teen's bag with colored pencilsSmoking cigarettes is not popular among minors. However, vapes and e-cigarettes have been growing in popularity among children and teens. Rather than being a replacement to a poor habit, teens often start vaping because it seems cool. Additionally, the flavors that these products come in may appeal to younger people. Unfortunately, because teens are more susceptible to nicotine, they may become addicted and suffer serious harm because of it.

Marketing of these products, especially in its start, has been tailored to younger audiences. Allegedly, the company directly and intentionally advertised to children and teens, even holding presentations in schools under the guise of health and anti-addiction seminars. This was possible because the product did not fall under the same regulations as cigarettes. In more recent years, lawmakers have worked to rectify this, yet the damage may have already been done.

JUUL Injuries

E-cigarettes and vapes have been known to do physical harm beyond health and addiction issues. If you or a loved one is injured because a vape exploded or caught fire, call D’Agostino & Associates. You may be entitled to receive compensation for the damages, including medical bills or property damage.

Bite Back, With D’Agostino & Associates

JUUL Labs should be held accountable for misinforming the public about the potential risks of their products. If you or a loved one became addicted to nicotine after using a JUUL vape while still a minor, you may be eligible for compensation. If the person affected is still a minor, the parent or guardian can represent them for the purposes of seeking financial compensation.

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