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a collection of different accolades for lawyers

D’Agostino & Associates Can Help You With Your Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be hazardous places. This is especially true when supervisors neglect safety procedures. There are laws in place for responsible workers and the construction sites that they work on. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction is New York City’s most lethal career. After you’ve been hurt on a construction site, D’Agostino and Associates can help you determine if you have a case. For over 3 decades, our legal team has been fighting for the rights of injured construction workers.

Experience in Fighting for Victims Of Construction Accidents

At D’Agostino & Associates, our team prides itself on having extensive experience with construction accidents. Our founder and president Jonathan D’Agostino’s father lost his leg in a construction site accident. Because of this, he dedicated his life to becoming an injury attorney. Our firm is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the injured. Over 30 years after the firm began, we are still advocating for the rights of those injured in construction accidents. As a result, we have helped clients like you receive the compensation they deserve. Whether your case is settled or goes to court, we have earned millions for those injured in construction accidents through the years.

How Can An Injury Lawyer Help Me With My Construction Accident Case?

An experienced injury attorney can help you with several different aspects of your injury. Firstly, they can help you file for workers’ compensation. From there, your attorney can help you determine if there is additional fault to your injury. This may include filing a third-party claim or a suit against your employer. Third-party negligence claims may include cases such as:

  • Manufacturers of defective machinery
  • General contractors
  • Property owners
  • Engineers
  • Safety equipment manufacturers
  • And more

With third-party claims, the value of your claim can be determined by the value of your case. This can include injury severity, suffering, loss of quality of life, lost wages, mental health decline, and more.

How Long Do I Have to File for My Construction Accident?

For workers’ compensation, you generally have to notify your employer within 30 days of the injury. From there, you have 2 years to file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Board. In New York State, the statute of limitations on injury claims is 3 years. Don’t wait to call an experienced injury attorney. The sooner you begin consulting with a legal counsel, the better. Job sites for construction constantly change. Evidence of the conditions surrounding your injury can quickly change. The sooner you talk with a lawyer, the sooner an investigation can begin. Your lawyer can explore avenues for potential negligence and safety violations that may have led to your injury.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents in New York City

Some of the most common causes of construction accidents in NYC include:

  • Lack of fall protection/prevention equipment
  • Lack of safety gear
  • Defective equipment
  • communication issues
  • Dangerous work conditions
  • Lack of supervision or training by supervisors
  • Improperly installed or secured scaffolding platforms
  • And more

Proving Negligence After A Construction Accident

Violations of labor laws, scaffolding laws, or OSHA safety regulations can lead to severe injury. Many accidents on construction sites occur because of cost-cutting measures and/or negligence. If your job site is violating these laws or regulations, it is important to report them for your safety as well as that of your fellow employees. Proving negligence is vital in growing your case beyond workers’ compensation. Showing negligence on the part of your employer will generally require proving that the job site violates the law or OSHA regulations. Your injury attorney will help you prove that a legal duty of care existed and that a breach of duty occurred. From there, your lawyer must show that the breach of duty led to your injury and that yu sustained significant damage as a result.

Building Your Case

Don’t let your construction accident or worker’s compensation case pass you by. You may be entitled to compensation because of negligent safety conditions. We will let you know if you have a case and we can aggressively represent you if you do. D’Agostino & Associates P.C. has offices in New York and New Jersey. Contact us, or call us at 1-888-245-2924 to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.