Mass Tort Litigation – We Fight For You

A Mass Tort is a single act by a party that causes physical and/or financial injury to many people. With this type of litigation, each injured party seeks individual damages for their injury and looks for compensation unique to their situation. This differs from a class-action suit, by where the plaintiffs come together and split the settlement or verdict amongst them. During a Mass Tort case, lawyers may use evidence found in another individual’s case for the same lawsuit. This allows lawyers to fight for individuals while pooling their research to build a stronger case. For larger cases, this can generally lead to a nation-wide team of lawyers all finding information that can make your case even stronger.

mass tort litigation attorney building client's case

Bite Back with D’Agostino & Associates

D’Agostino & Associates are dedicated to representing injured parties who seek compensation for the harm caused by the wrong-doings of companies. We help you fight against the manufacturers of defective medications and defective products. Our team works with other lawyers that specialize in Mass Tort litigation to build a better case for you. Overall, we want to help you and your loved ones get the money you deserve. Some of the Mass Torts that we cover include:

At D’Agostino & Associates, our team of lawyers can help you sort through all the details, understand what you are entitled to, and fight to get what you deserve. D’Agostino & Associates P.C. has offices in New York and New Jersey. Contact us, or call us at 1-888-245-2924 to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.