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a collection of different accolades for lawyers

We Know About Survivor Benefits

Survivor benefits refer to a reduced rate SSDI benefit collected by the surviving spouse and/or other surviving dependents. This can also include the deceased’s elderly disabled parents that were dependents. A widow or widower gets full social security benefits at retirement age. However, they can receive a reduced benefit, which is 75%, at the age of 60. They can also receive a reduced benefit at any age if they are taking care of the deceased’s child and the child is under 16 or is disabled. Survivor benefits only apply to Social Security Disability. Unfortunately, Supplemental Security Insurance is not transferable via this type of benefit.

For some individuals, survivor benefits are based on the amount the deceased was receiving from Social security at the time of death. However, if the deceased was not yet receiving benefits from Social Security, the value is based on what they were entitled to receive if they would start filing. It is best to apply for these benefits soon after the death is reported to Social Security; as they are dated from the time you apply, instead of the time of death.

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