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$147,500 for Parking Lot Injury

A client in New Jersey fractured his foot in a supermarket parking lot. While walking around scattered shopping carts, he stepped into a pothole. His foot required a medical procedure. He accepted an offer of $147,500 without having to go to trial. Get the money you deserve, and Bite Back. If you or a loved [...]

By |2016-06-27T16:09:09-04:00December 13th, 2014|Settlements, Verdicts|Comments Off on $147,500 for Parking Lot Injury

$120,000 Received in Motor Vehicle Accident

Two of our South Shore clients, a husband and wife received 120,000 after their car was struck by another vehicle. The wife received $20,000 for sustained back and neck injuries; while her husband received $100,000 for his torn shoulder, which required surgery. Get the money you deserve, and Bite Back. If you or a loved [...]

By |2016-06-27T16:09:52-04:00December 6th, 2014|Settlements, Verdicts|Comments Off on $120,000 Received in Motor Vehicle Accident

$360,000 to Car Crash Settlement

Get the money you deserve. One of our clients this year was injured in a car accident after being rear ended by a truck. His injuries required medical attention and surgery was facilitated for his back. Even though he had sustained injuries to his back before the car accident, we were able to settle the [...]

By |2016-06-27T16:10:20-04:00November 28th, 2014|Settlements, Verdicts|Comments Off on $360,000 to Car Crash Settlement
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