If you are seeking compensation for an accident, time is of the essence. Working with a professional attorney from the beginning can save you time and money.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer? 

To claim damages against another driver or seek greater compensation from your insurance company, you should employ the services of an experienced personal injury attorney. After an injury, you will likely need time to rest and recuperate from your accident. However, statutes of limitation mean that time is short. Dealing with a rushed settlement or insurance company can be stressful. If you face these challenges, a personal injury lawyer can help. Common personal injury cases involve medical malpractice, wrongful death cases, work place injuries, and automobile accidents.

What Kind of Damages Can I Receive?

There are two forms of damages that could be rewarded in a personal injury case. The first is compensatory damages, which reimburse the victim for economic losses, medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and anguish. If the case shows comparative fault, your reward may be mitigated by your partial liability. On top of compensatory damages, a judge may award punitive damages to further encourage the party at fault to improve his or her behavior.

How Soon Do I Need To Contact a Lawyer?

In a no-fault claim, insurance companies award compensation based only on personal damage. Neither party is deemed “at fault.” This claim should be filed 30 days after the accident. If you have more questions about statutes of limitation for “hit-and-run” accidents or discrepancies between insurance and state timelines, a personal injury lawyer can help.

When you’ve suffered a personal injury, let D’Agostino & Associates fight for you. To schedule your free consultation, contact our offices at (888) 860-5787. An aggressive personal injury lawyer can effectively manage your legal affairs while you relax and recover. 


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