In the Winter, the chance of having a car accident can increase due to the snow and ice. In New York and New Jersey, where our storms can leave high snow piles or slick sheets of black ice; it is important to know how to avoid putting yourself, and others, in danger when you are driving.

Before a Storm

During the Winter, you should keep your car prepared in the event of an emergency in the snow. Get a professional tune-up before the winter starts. Keep the gas-tank at least half-full. Leave a portable snow shovel and a window scraper in the car. If you are planning to travel far, keep a few blankets and spare clothes in the car as well. Keep something in your trunk to be used for traction in the event that you are stuck in the snow. Cat litter, cardboard, or sand are commonly used in this manner.

Ice and Snow on the Road

When the temperatures get low, ice and snow can become a big issue on the road. During this time, you should consider following these tips. Increase stopping times by using the breaks earlier than you might normally. You will come to a stop more gradually. Stay below the speed limit. Most of us hover above the speed limit. But your reaction time gets slower and the injury risk rises as your speed increases. Fast starts can be dangerous if your car is on slippery surfaces, like ice or snow, where a lack of traction can create safety risks. Avoid this by accelerating more slowly.

Icy conditions can increase the risk of collision and injury while driving. Use caution and drive slower during the winter. If you or a loved one suffers in a car accident due to negligent driving in icy conditions, you may want to consider taking legal action.
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