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Pedestrians and Smartphone Technology

You see it more and more everyday, people crossing the street while staring at their phones; or plugged in with headphones blasting music. All that technology at our fingertips can be a distraction; even while walking. But who is at fault when a passenger is struck while being distracted by their phones? In most cases, [...]

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

In the Winter, the chance of having a car accident can increase due to the snow and ice. In New York and New Jersey, where our storms can leave high snow piles or slick sheets of black ice; it is important to know how to avoid putting yourself, and others, in danger when you are [...]

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New Staten Island Location

The law firm of D’Agostino & Associates P.C. is proud to announce that we have opened a brand new location in the North Shore of Staten Island. Our new office is open and ready to serve Staten Island North Shore clients better. This new location is our seventh office across New York City and New [...]

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Million Dollar Advocates

Since 1993, the Million Dollar Advocates Forum has been one of the most prestigious organizations of trial lawyers in the country. It is a group dedicated to service towards clients and to build a stronger network of experienced lawyers. We are proud to announce that D’Agostino & Associates, P.C., has been chosen to be a [...]

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How to Settle a Dog Bite Case

Thousands of Americans are bitten by animals each year. They are typically bitten by dogs. In the majority of dog bite cases, a person has a legal right to recover any damages at the owner's expense. If you have been bitten by a dog, you should immediately seek medical attention. This is extremely important so [...]

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A Personal Injury Attorney Offers Pedestrian Safety Tips

Walking is a great form of exercise, but if walkers don't remember to follow pedestrian safety, it can lead to tragic consequences. According to the CDC, 4,735 pedestrians were killed by motorists in 2013, and over 150,000 needed emergency medical care for non-life threatening injuries. The CDC also states that male pedestrians are more likely [...]

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Trip and Fall Accident? We’re Here to Help.

There you are, happily walking along, when suddenly, before you sense what's actually happening, you find yourself flat on your back on the ground! Maybe you tripped on a broken sidewalk or slipped on ice. Once you pick yourself up and brush yourself off, you realize you've twisted an ankle or sprained your wrist. Now what? Are you responsible for [...]

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Medical Records Aren’t the Only Important Pieces of the Social Security Disability Puzzle

If you’re preparing to file a social security disability claim, no doubt you understand that medical evidence will be the centerpiece of your claim. But, it’s also helpful to know that certain non-medical evidence can also be crucial when it comes to your claim. Medical Records Don’t Paint the Entire Picture While your medical records and doctor’s [...]

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Common Dog Bite Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 4.5 million Americans are bitten by a dog each year, and over 880,000 of them require medical care. While any dog can bite, states that the breeds most responsible for injuries include pit bulls, rottweilers, presa canarios, mastiffs, shar peis, and boxers. What are the most [...]

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