If you’re preparing to file a social security disability claim, no doubt you understand that medical evidence will be the centerpiece of your claim. But, it’s also helpful to know that certain non-medical evidence can also be crucial when it comes to your claim.

Medical Records Don’t Paint the Entire Picture

While your medical records and doctor’s opinion are a big piece of the puzzle, they don’t paint the entire picture. Non-medical evidence can and does play a big role in your case.

Work Records

The first group of evidence that is not related to the medical piece is your work records. These can be helpful because they’ll show the absences that were the result of your medical condition. Or, they could show that you stopped working altogether, or tried to stay employed with a variety of jobs that were less demanding. In other words, they’ll show that your pattern of working since you acquired your disability.

Written Statements

Written statements from your employer and co-worker will also fit into this puzzle. They will help shed light on the difficulties you experienced while in the workplace. These statements are important in enhancing your credibility. 


Statements from family and close friends are also going to enhance your credibility. While they won’t be able to provide information from an employer’s perspective, they can shed some light into how you felt during your off-time: if you were in pain, tired, or ill after completing a few hours or a few days of work.

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