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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycles and mopeds can be an effective way to get around New York City, because of lower parking constraints and the ability to maneuver in traffic. Accidents involving motorcycles, however, can often be more dangerous and traumatic due to a lack of protection that a car offers. New York state averages about 4,500 emergency room [...]

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Scalding Burn Injuries

Scalding burns are caused by hot liquids and/or steam. These hot water and steam can easily cause first or second-degree burns; but third-degree injuries can be possible in severe cases. Scald burns can often lead to hospital visits when they hit a large portion of the body, or when the temperature is extreme. What Constitutes [...]

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Subway Injuries

Over 1.8 billion New Yorkers ride the subway system everyday. The underground tracks are almost always in use, day or night. The MTA works to keep riders safe from harm and keep the trains running on time. But unfortunately, people can still be injured, or even killed, in subway stations all across NYC. If you [...]

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How Safe is NYC’s Scaffolding?

There are over 300 miles of scaffolding stacked up and criss-crossing the streets of New York City. We use them to build and repair buildings all across the 5 boroughs, from apartment buildings to schools. Across all of NYC, scaffolding can be seen across almost every neighborhood. Crumbling masonry and newer buildings dot the New [...]

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Documenting Your Injuries

When it comes to Workers’ Compensation claims, it is often common for the victim to only document the most severe injury that occurs from an accident. The victim is so concerned with the broken bone or or injured back, that they might forget to document the cuts and scrapes on their arms, too. It is [...]

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Housemates and Dog Liability

In New York City, many people share apartments with roommates. If your roommate has a dog, but you can become liable for it during a dog bite injury case, if there is a possibility that it is your fault. In New York, you may be found liable for your roommate’s dog, even if you do [...]

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Electrical Burn Inuries

Electrical injuries can be a dangerous hazard that many construction workers and repairmen suffer from yearly. Electrical burns caused by shocks can be severe and even life-threatening. It is important to know how much damage they can cause, and how to reduce risk of injury. While less common than some other types of burns, it [...]

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Drowning Rates Rise in the Summer

As the weather gets warmer, and pools open up; more people are enjoying the cool waters of their backyards. With more people hitting the pools and beaches, the risk of someone becoming a victim of drowning will rise. Homeowners and landlords should be made aware of how to protect their family and guests from drowning; [...]

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Dog Bites and Children

Dogs seem like man’s best friend, but it is important to teach your children to be careful around them. Children are more likely to be inflicted with a dog bite than adults. It is important to know the facts to help protect your children from a serious dog bite injury. If your child is injured [...]

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Beach Injury and Liability

Summertime is in full swing. And with the temperatures at their highest, many New Yorkers are making their way to the beach. Whether your family Coney Island, the Jersey Shore, or Staten Island’s South Beach, enjoy the sun and surf at the beach. But it is important to know that there are injury risks to [...]

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