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Burn Injuries and Your Rights

Burn injuries can be very painful, and they happen all the time to workers across the United States. Victims of burn injuries can experience intense pain because of the damage. If you suffer from an intense burn the medical treatment, rehabilitation, and pain can keep you from working. The trauma from a burn can be [...]

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Leading Causes of Teen Car Crashes

When you think of teenagers in car crashes, you probably chalk it up to the distractions of cell phones, and changing the radio. There are a number of reasons why teen drivers get into car accidents, beyond cellphone use. Speeding To many drivers, teens or otherwise, believe that you are speeding once you go over [...]

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When Are You Responsible for Snow Removal?

When snow falls in New York City, everything slows down. Schools close, subways get delayed, and buses might not even run. But when the snowfall ends, the shovelling starts. Removing snow from your sidewalk and walkways may be a difficult task, but it is a crucial one. In addition to making it easier for yourself [...]

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Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites can be dangerous. Heavy machinery, sharp tools, great heights, and large building materials can be the cause of many injuries. Construction Accident claims go beyond Workers’ Compensation; to provide further reparations if the injury was the fault of the supervisor or employer not following the proper regulations on-site. There are a large number [...]

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Emotional Distress in Injury Claims

When you or a loved one suffers a personal injury and decides to follow through with legal action. If the injury or event has caused you or your loved one severe emotional distress, you may be able to claim that within your legal case.  When you or a loved one suffers a personal injury and [...]

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What to do After a Hit and Run Accident

Unless you are prepared, legal recourse after a Hit and Run Accident can be a challenge. A Hit and Run Accident is where a driver, most often the one at fault, drives away after the accident. This is usually done to try to avoid legal action or insurance problems. Most victims of a Hit and [...]

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New York Policy on Dog Bites

Every state in America takes a different approach to injury claims on dog bites. A legal claim for a dog bite is a form of negligence on the part of the owner, who allowed his/her pet to viciously attack someone else. There are policies in New York that provide a certain amount of protection to [...]

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