Electrical injuries can be a dangerous hazard that many construction workers and repairmen suffer from yearly. Electrical burns caused by shocks can be severe and even life-threatening. It is important to know how much damage they can cause, and how to reduce risk of injury. While less common than some other types of burns, it is not rare. Thousands of people suffer every year from electrical burns, but they often go unreported. Hundreds die from electrical burns every year.

Risk Factors

An electrical burn can be extremely serious. This can cause not just topical burns at the site of contact, but also internal tissue damage. The higher the voltage, the type of current, and the higher the time of exposure; the greater the risk of injury and death will become. Wet skin can cause more external damage to your skin tissue.
Unlike fire, that can burn from the outside, electricity shoots into and possibly through you. Certain parts of your body are more conductive than others. Blood vessels, joints, and nerves are extremely conductive. Bones are less conductive, and can slow the flow of electricity.
Electrical shocks, especially strong ones, can cause cardiac arrhythmia, and even cardiac arrest. Damage to the heart can be so slight that it can only be detected by electrocardiograph tests. Electrical shock can also cause internal organ burns and other serious internal injuries.

Electrical Burns at Work

According to a recent study, more than 82% of the high-voltage cases had occurred at work or on a job. As for low-voltage, the injury occurred at work for about 77% of victims. Electrical burns are common in construction and electrical fields, but people working in almost any other profession can have some exposure to an electrical burn; no matter how slight the chance.

Reducing Risk Factors

When working on electrical equipment, use rated safety equipment. Make sure that you are grounded. If you are working on the electrical systems in your house, consider hiring a professional. Do not work on electrical equipment where there is water. Locate the fuse box and turn off the necessary sections before working on electrical systems; when possible.

Know Your Rights

If you or a loved one suffered from electrical burns at work, know your rights. Your work, or the homeowner that you are doing the work for may be liable for electrical burns caused to you on their property.

See a Physician

If you suffer from an electrical shock, you should see a doctor as soon as possible internal injuries and arrhythmia may not be felt after the event, but they might still have occurred. If the injury occurred at work, you should fill out an injury report.

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