As the weather gets warmer, and pools open up; more people are enjoying the cool waters of their backyards. With more people hitting the pools and beaches, the risk of someone becoming a victim of drowning will rise. Homeowners and landlords should be made aware of how to protect their family and guests from drowning; but also how to keep themselves from being liable in the event of a drowning incident.

Drowning Prevention

The best way to prevent drowning is to increase safety precautions. Make sure that all ladders, stairs, and railings are secure and in good working conditions. The deck and surrounding area around the pool should be secure and sturdy. Safety equipment should be hung up nearby. If children are swimming, make sure that there are adults nearby and keeping an eye on them.
The rules of the pool/waterfront should be posted visibly. Notices and warnings should be posted near shallow water to prevent diving.
For pools and waterfronts that are open to the public, or a community; consider hiring a lifeguarding staff. For larger pools and swimming areas, you may want to section off deeper parts to young children, or hold swimming proficiency tests.
Children ages 0-4 have the highest rate of drowning. Be sure that any young child is accompanied by an adult in the water, and that they have some type of floatation device, such as a lifejacket or water wings.

Liability Prevention

If someone drowns because of their own choices, despite posted signs, then you may not be found liable. But if the reason for the injury or drowning incident is because of negligence on your part, such as failure to repair a the deck, or heavy suction on an uncovered filter that pulls a child down, you may be held accountable.

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