Summertime is in full swing. And with the temperatures at their highest, many New Yorkers are making their way to the beach. Whether your family Coney Island, the Jersey Shore, or Staten Island’s South Beach, enjoy the sun and surf at the beach. But it is important to know that there are injury risks to going to the beach. It is important to know who may be liable for injuries at the beach.

Glass and Other Litter

Broken glass is often found on beaches, which can be a terrible thing for you or your kids to hurt themselves on. Additionally, any other dangerous litter, from food waste to discarded needles, can pose a problem for beach-goers. For private beaches, the owner of the land is responsible for beach cleanup. With public beaches, the Parks Department, or other government organization, would be in charge of cleanup and general maintenance.

Swimming at the Beach

Lifeguards should be present if you are swimming at the beach. If there is no lifeguard present, you can be putting yourself at risk. Be aware of posted ordinances, such as warnings about currents, and tides. Do not enter the water after dusk.
During daylight hours, while the beach is open, there should a lifeguard present. If you are not disobeying any posted rules, and you avoid any areas posted warning of currents or riptides, then you may not be liable for your injuries. If one or more lifeguards are present they may be held accountable. If there are no lifeguards present, and the water is open for swimming, the landowner may be liable.

Events on the Beach

If you are injured during a beach event, then the event sponsors, land owner, and/or host could be responsible. An accident during an event is often due to negligence on someone’s part.

Injuries by Beach Police

Some private beaches have hired security, and public beaches may have some level of police presence, for the enforcement of laws and the safety of beach-goers. When these officers make mistakes or negligently cause injuries. Beach cops can be liable for harm or injury caused by excessive force, negligence, or recklessness.

Private Beaches

Some states have laws that limit liability of injury for beach landowners, in order to encourage them to open their land to the public. This helps protect the landowner from injury liability.

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