Burn injuries can be very painful, and they happen all the time to workers across the United States. Victims of burn injuries can experience intense pain because of the damage. If you suffer from an intense burn the medical treatment, rehabilitation, and pain can keep you from working. The trauma from a burn can be unbearable. Even non-lethal burns can lead to prolonged hospitalization, disabilities, disfigurement, and It is important that if you are burned due to the negligence of others, that you know your rights to seek compensation for your injuries. You may be able to make a claim to be compensated for medical expenses, rehabilitation treatments, lost wages, pain endured, and even the emotional and psychological trauma you have faced due to your burn injury.

Types of Burns

There are 4 types of burns that can occur; Thermal, Electrical, Chemical, and Radiological. Thermal burns are very common. They are categorized as burns caused by fires, steam, touching heated objects, and hot liquids; such as frying oil or boiling water. These injuries are very common in a variety of workplaces, but are often seen in food services industries. Safe practices and clean workspaces can often help limit injuries caused by thermal burns in the workplace.
Electrical burns occur when electricity runs through your body. This may not only leave burns on the surface, but can cause internal organs or tissues to become burnt as well. Subdermal damages caused by electrical injuries have more of a potential to be life threatening if they go untreated. Live wires, damaged sockets, electrified water, and lightning strikes can all be causes of electrical burns. Safety precautions should always be taken around electrical equipment and live wires.
Chemical burns are caused by direct contact with corrosive chemicals. Strong acids and bases are the usual causes of these injuries. These chemicals don’t usually need to be heated to cause burns, as they are simply damaging to the skin. Working with certain cleaning products or in occupations where these materials are common are where these burns occur most in the US. Oxidizers, solvents, urticants, alkylants, and Mustard gas are the most common chemical types that cause these types of burns. Prevent these by wearing proper safety equipment provided and by limiting exposure whenever possible.
Radiological burns are those caused by radiation. The most commonly occurring burns of this type are sunburns, caused by UV radiation. Other instances of this type of burn can occur via radiation therapy, high-power radio transmitters, radioactive fallout, and nuclear accidents. These types of burns can also lead to or be tied to radiation-induced cancers due to the damage that the radiation can do to the DNA in your cells. Prevent these by wearing proper safety equipment provided and by limiting exposure whenever possible. If you work outdoors, wear protective clothing or sunscreen.

Seek Medical Attention

If you are burned during work or due to someone else’s negligence, seek medical attention immediately. Contact Emergency Medical Services and go to a hospital or your personal physician.
Know Your Rights
The results of a burn can be physically and emotionally damaging; and the pain and suffering can be intense. You may be able to receive compensation for these injuries if they are caused by someone else’s negligence or at work. You may be able to file a claim for any medical expenses, wages lost, or rehabilitation costs due to your injuries.
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