Even though motorcyclists aren’t more likely to get involved in an accident than people driving cars, they are more likely to sustain personal injuries resulting from an accident. This is especially true of a motorcyclist that chooses to travel without the protection of a helmet. Aside from wearing proper protection, a motorcyclist can lower his or her risk of sustaining a personal injury by learning to avoid the top causes of motorcycle accidents.

One of the most dangerous accident situations involving motorcyclists is a head on collision between a car and a motorcycle. The impact from this type of collision can force the motorcyclist to be thrown from his or her bike and suffer a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Another very dangerous accident situation is when a car is making a left turn and fails to see a motorcycle going straight through an intersection or passing a car. This type of collision is also common between two cars, but the smaller size of the motorcycle makes the motorcycle less visible to cars waiting to turn left.

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