According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,432 people were killed in collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles in 2011. Both drivers and pedestrians have a responsibility to exercise reasonable caution and care each time they are on the road. This caution is necessary because failure to obey the rules of the road or to pay proper attention can result in serious harm, especially in accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles.

Failing to pay attention

Distracted driving has become a major threat to pedestrian safety across roadways in America. In particular, texting while driving is of notable concern because the activity diverts a driver’s attention and vision away from the road. Drivers who text while driving also don’t have both of their hands on the steering wheel at all times. As a result, it is much more difficult for them to account for pedestrians in crosswalks, sidewalks, or neighborhood streets.

Failing to observe posted speed limits

Even though it’s important for drivers to always pay attention to the posted speed limit, this is especially true in school zones. When drivers approach school zones, the speed limit drops to ensure the safety of young children, who are considerably more difficult to see. Children can also be very unpredictable in their movements, especially when they are playing or walking in the nearby vicinity of a school. For this reason, drivers should exercise caution when passing schools or maneuvering through residential neighborhoods.

Failing to yield at marked cross walks

Not every crosswalk is equipped with a traffic light to pause the flow of traffic and ensure pedestrian safety as they cross the street. If a driver approaches a marked crosswalk without a traffic light, then he or she still needs to yield to any people waiting or attempting to cross the street.

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