If you’re like most drivers, you probably recognize that speeding, driving distracted, and failing to obey the rules of the road can all increase your chances of being involved in an auto accident. Even though following basic traffic rules and regulations plays an important role in lowering your chances of a car accident, it isn’t the only way to ensure your travels are safe. Here’s a look at some not-so obvious tips for avoiding dangerous car accidents.

Avoid the “fast lane”

Traveling in the furthest left lane may be tempting when you’re hurrying to get to work each morning, but this option is more dangerous than the other lane alternatives. Traveling in the center or right lane limits your possible interactions with nearby impatient, speedy drivers. It also provides you with more escape routes to pull over to the side of the road if a sudden problem occurs.

Pay attention to blind spots

You should adjust your mirrors so that you have a wide-angle view of the scene behind you, but you can’t only rely on your mirrors when changing lanes. Even with the best possible adjustment, you will still be faced with blind spots. As a result, you need to physically turn your head and look at the lane beside you when changing over. This will help you spot any hazards or other cars that are in your mirror’s blind spots.

Know your car’s limits

Not every car drives the same way, so you need to pay close attention to how your car moves in varying situations. For example, you should note how your car reacts when rounding corners or how long it takes for your car to stop when you brake. This will help you gauge the safest speed and distance for braking.

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