With snowstorms, slippery roads, and chilly temperatures, it’s not hard to determine why car accidents tend to increase in the winter months. Even though you may sometimes be at the mercy of other not-so-skilled drivers on the road, there are ways to lower your risk of suffering a winter car accident. With proper preparation and practice, you can learn how to safely navigate slippery, snowy streets.

Learn loose steering

It may seem counterintuitive, but if your front wheels begin to skid on a patch of ice, you need to temporarily let go of the steering. To regain control of your car, shift into the neutral gear and slowly begin to guide the wheels and vision back into the direction you want your car to go.

Turn off cruise control

During the winter season, you shouldn’t rely on cruise control while you are driving over icy hills or slippery roads. Though it may be slightly less convenient, plan on turning your cruise control off for these colder months and just rely on your gas pedal.

Reduce pressure on brakes

You may rely on pumping your brakes during warmer months, but the winter season is time to limit the amount of pressure you put on the brakes. When you need to brake, press on the pedal gently to prevent your wheels from locking up each time you stop. Gently pumping the brakes can also help prevent skidding and sliding to the side of the road when your car comes to a stop.  

Distance yourself from snowplows

It is difficult to safely maneuver around snowplows, sanding trucks, and other maintenance vehicles. Instead of trying to navigate your way around these large vehicles, stick to a different route when you see one a few vehicles ahead.

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