When you get into a car accident and become injured, you shouldn’t wait to go see a doctor. It is important to see a licensed medical professional to do an evaluation to see if you are seriously injured. If you do not appear to be injured, it might be a good idea to see a doctor anyway. After a crash, you may not feel pain immediately, because of the adrenaline released from the event.

Why Not Wait?

When you hold off on getting evaluated by a doctor after an auto accident when you are injured, one of 2 things can happen. The first is that your injuries can improve before proper proof of injury, making it difficult for cause to be established. The second is that your injuries can become exacerbated and harder to recover from.
Insurance companies (both your’s and the other driver’s) may not cover you if you wait longer than a week or two. To protect your chance to form a proper claim, you should try to schedule an appointment very soon after the accident.

When Should I Go?

Try to get to a doctor within 3 days at most, if possible. Try to go within the same day, or the next if possible. Once the adrenaline from the crash wears off, you might begin to feel pain. If you have a concussion or internal bleeding, you might not be able to tell at first. If your regular doctor is unavailable, you are in extreme pain, suspect internal bleeding, or might be exhibiting symptoms of a concussion; visit your local ER or Urgent Care facility.

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