halloween pumpkin backgroundIt is important to make sure your kids are safe while trick-or-treating on Halloween. But what about the drivers? The likelihood of a car accident involving children rises to about 4 times the normal rate on Halloween, due to trick-or-treaters and reckless teens. Make sure you take precautions to keep you and your kids safe this year.
The peak hours of trick-or-treating is between 5:00 to 9:00, which is just about from sunset into night. As sundown comes earlier in the fall and winter, this will increasingly make the potential for accidents higher. Dark costumes can make it difficult to see children, especially those who just run out onto the street. Stay alert, and under the speed limit to lower the risk of child casualties.
Driver distractions and drunk driving can also increase the risk of accidents on Halloween exponentially. Almost 25% of car-related deaths on Halloween had drunk drivers behind the wheel. Staying off your cell phone while driving can prevent accidents any day, but you need to be extra cautious on a night with drastically increased pedestrians. Make sure you pull over and turn off your car before using your cell phone. This will reduce accidents, and prevent you from getting tickets.
If you are injured this Halloween, document the details of the injury, including where and how it occurred, so you and your attorney can build a strong case for lack of reasonable care. The court will decide whether the owner acted responsibly.
By using caution and driving slower during Halloween, you lower the chance of getting into an accident. For more information about safety tips or if you been in an accident call D’Agostino and Associates at 1-888-24-Law-24.