Don’t Let Vicious Dog Bite Incidents in NY and NJ Go Without Seeking Advice

Did you know that between New York and New Jersey, more than 4,000 people fall victim to dog bites each year? Unfortunately, it’s true and the injuries sustained in those incidents are often horrific for both victims and their families. For some people, the dogs’ bites may result in permanent disfiguration and psychological trauma. For others, there may be extensive, life-altering damage done to their bodies’ muscles and nerves.

Either way, anyone who is bitten by a dog in New York or New Jersey should consider seeking restitution for the damages caused by the offending animal. Depending on the facts of the dog bite case, it may be possible for victims to recover healthcare costs, lost wages, physical pain and emotional suffering. Given the horrific nature of most animal attacks and the great toll that they take on the victims, the courts tend to see these types of awards as reasonable.

It should also be noted that the dog bite laws vary based on where the incidents occur. As such, dog bites in New York must be treated differently than animal attacks that take place in the Garden State.

However, the keys to winning either one largely involves obtaining compelling documentation of the incident. Therefore, it is always vital for all dog bite victims and their families to obtain as much photographic and written evidence about the attack as possible prior to trial or out of court settlement discussions.

To learn more and have our personal injury attorneys review the facts of a particular dog bite case, please contact D’agostino & Associates online or by phone. And remember, in both states, dog bite victims only have a limited amount of time to file their cases with the courts. So, it is far better to reach out to our law offices about dog bite cases sooner, rather than later.