A NYFD spokesman provided details of a Manhattan construction accident that injured four workers on Tuesday, April 7, at about 10 a.m. The accident occurred at a building at 331 Madison Avenue, not far from 43rd Street.

Workers Fall About Two Stories

At the time of the accident, a full renovation of the building was underway. The workers were at an open stairway on the mezzanine level at the time of the incident. A marble banister gave way, and a large chandelier hit the workers after they fell approximately two stories, according to the New York Times.

Four Workers Taken to Hospital

All four workers required transport to Bellevue Hospital. According to a spokesperson for the building owner, the hospital released three of the workers the same day. A fourth worker remained at the hospital in stable condition, according to the spokesperson. This same individual told the New York Times that a licensed site safety manager was on-site at the time of the accident.

All work at the site stopped, pending an investigation into the accident. However, the NYFD states that the building is still structurally sound. The New York City Department of Buildings and project contractors collaborated to plan for construction to resume once again.

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