April is Distracted Driver Awareness month. While driving, distractions could come from anywhere. Distracted driving can be potentially fatal; to you, your passengers, and other people around you. One text message while driving can end a person’s life. Reckless and distracted driving is the number one cause of death among teens in the US.

Driver Distractions Lead to Danger

Distracted Driving can put you and those around you in serious harm. You should not only be aware of your own driving; but the cars around you. A distracted driver near you can endanger your own life. It is important when driving or walking near a road to be aware of what is around you.
There are three types of driver distractions. They are: Visual, something making you look away from the road; Manual, something making you take your hands off the wheel; and Cognitive, something that takes your mind off of the road. Cellphones, passengers, the GPS, and eating/drinking are the most common distractions for drivers. Changing the radio, applying makeup, etc. are other common causes of driver distraction.

Drivers Using Cellphones

Cellphone use while driving is extremely dangerous and in many cases, illegal. All states, with the exception of Montana, have some laws restricting cellphone use while driving. Hands free devices can aid drivers by being less distracting than the phone itself, but these devices can be a distraction themselves. In New York and New Jersey, all drivers are prohibited to use hand-held devices or text while driving. Save your tweets and texts for when you are out of the car; or at least parked.

Legal Help After an Accident with a Distracted Driver

If you, a loved one, or your property is damaged due to someone’s reckless and distracted driving, you shouldn’t go through it alone. Consider looking towards legal counsel as the next step. With a good legal team behind you, you can feel confident in pursuing legal action towards the reckless party. Do not meet with other parties involved in the accident without a lawyer present. Do not sign anything from another party or from that party’s lawyer without discussing it with your legal counsel first.
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