You’re going to need legal hit and run help if you’ve just been hit by a car in the streets of City. Despite the Big Apple having a continual and energetic stream of traffic in vehicle and pedestrian form, a hit and run is always a nightmare scenario. If you’ve been the victim of this recently, perhaps the driver who did it either made a run for it, or they tried to pin blame on you. We see these scenarios frequently here at D’agostino & Associates. The immediate solution is calling us immediately after your hit and run occurs. With the statute of limitations being three years in New York for all auto accidents, the sooner you have us work on the case, the more time we have to gather evidence.

Finding that evidence is vital in proving without a doubt you had no negligence in why the hit and run happened. While it probably won’t take three years, having more time to find evidence is necessary. The reason is complex cases could take at least a year or more to investigate.

What scenarios will we look for in your hit and run case that help us find the truth? We’ll get to work finding evidence the minute you call us to the accident scene.

Investigating All Accident Scenarios

In some hit and run cases, it could be that numerous people were to blame in causing your injury.
Chain reactions are certainly possible at the accident site.  Other times, numerous people are possibly to blame who hadn’t even been at the accident location.

For the above instance, a car manufacturer is possibly blameworthy for a person losing control of their vehicle. When this happens, the person who hit you might have panicked and ran off, hence making them partially negligent as well.

This all takes thorough investigations, and we sometimes hire private investigators to find witnesses and reconstruct the event. We’ll even acquire video footage if it’s available from traffic lights and security cameras.

Most of all, we’ll take care of all legal filings and procedures while you heal from your injuries. The last thing you need is the stress of legal issues while attempting to recover from your accident. In the end, we’ll work hard to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Contact us here at D’agostino & Associates and we’ll rush to the scene of your accident where fresh evidence is waiting before the accident cleanup.