The Internet is full of self-help advice about how to save attorney’s fees via legal self-representation.  Many people are under the mistaken impression that they can adequately handle their own personal injury cases and still come out ahead. On the surface, self-representation can appear to be a simple endeavor.  However, being pitted against opposing personal injury experts often ends unfairly for the injured party.  One should never take that chance.  At D’Agostino & Associates clients retain the services of the entire firm of five full time attorneys who competently sort through all of the issues surrounding each case to make certain their clients receive every penny they deserve.  From the opening interview to the conclusion of the case, every professional attorney in the firm fights hard for each client.  No stone is left unturned when it comes to attaining the settlement the client should get.  This same work ethic applies whether the client has a minor injury or has suffered major catastrophic personal injury. 

Even in cases when people do choose to represent themselves in court, they should still consider hiring an attorney to help at certain points along the way.  Nothing can replace the sage advice of an experienced attorney.  Therefore, even when representing oneself, one should hire a professional attorney to act as a consultant who can explain the steps that need to be taken.  A professional attorney can offer advice on strategy and tactics to take inside the courtroom and give other crucial advice.

The ideal solution to any personal injury case is to seek professional assistance immediately when injured in an accident of any kind.  Determining which party is legally libel is a complex matter that only an experienced lawyer should handle.  Hiring a competent lawyer will significantly raise the chances of receiving a fair and just settlement.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation or for additional information.  D’Agostino & Associates can help you get the settlement you deserve.