A serious accident occurred in East Farmingdale on March 19 when a driver lost control of his sport-utility vehicle that smashed through the front of a Panera Bread restaurant, and two female Long Island nurses suffered severe injuries. While sudden and shocking, an incident like this could happen to anyone. If you were hurt in a motor vehicle crash, you might be entitled to seek restitution in civil court.

What Happened

This wreck occurred on Route 110 East when a 69-year-old man driving a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder attempted to flee the scene of another accident that took place in a nearby parking lot, and the Nissan hit a booth containing two Winthrop-University Hospital nurses. One of the nurses was pinned under the SUV after the crash, and this woman was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital in critical condition.

After The Accident

Though both women likely have a long recovery ahead of them, the latest reports indicated that they were both recovering in the hospital. When a driver hits a vehicle or a person, a victim may suffer serious injuries that require time in a hospital. One may also need physical therapy, surgery or follow-up medical appointments in addition to time off from work while one recovers. When multiple vehicles collide, a vehicle can sustain damage and lead to more costs. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you receive compensation for any expenses related to an accident involving a negligent driver.

Civil Court Suit

When a driver’s reckless actions lead to a crash that causes someone else harm, a victim can file a personal injury claim in civil court to recover costs after an accident occurs. In addition to financial costs, one may also be able to seek compensation for any emotional damages.

Cases may go to trial or be settled out of court, and it is usually best to have representation from an attorney. Since insurance companies often try to limit the amount they pay after accidents, our attorneys can help ensure you receive everything you are owed for injuries and pain and suffering.

Life after an accident can be difficult and confusing, but you should be able to focus on healing. Contact us so that we can start fighting for you to get all the compensation you deserve.