Ever experienced or been witness to nursing home neglect? Although it is a sad thing, millions of cases of nursing home neglect happen in the United States alone. The only way to stop it and prevent further damage is to report it and look into capable attorneys who can fight and put an end to it.

It is important for family members, friends and co-workers to be aware of signs of neglect. There are four main types of nursing home neglect: emotional, personal hygiene, basic needs, and medical. 

Emotional neglect happens when an elderly person is left alone for long periods of time, ignored continuously, or when a staff takes out anger on them through verbal abuse. Personal hygiene neglect occurs when nursing home adults do not receive the necessary help they need to perform basic hygienic tasks, like brushing teeth or doing laundry. Basic needs neglect happens when food, water or a safe environment are withheld for any reason. Medical neglect can cover a number of issues, but mainly occurs when the home fails to provide the necessary medical treatment for any pre-existing condition, or new ones that began in the home. This can include things like bed sores, diabetes and cuts. 

As you gather with your family this holiday season, do your part to make sure they are getting the care they deserve from their providers. It is important that nursing home neglect be reported and action taken immediately to prevent it happening again to the same person and to prevent it from happening to more people. If you have any more questions regarding nursing home neglect and what can be done about it, please contact us.