Car AccidentWhen you have sustained serious injuries due to the actions of another driver, you like to think that he or she will do what is necessary to make things right. Sadly, that is rarely the case. The other driver may deny responsibility altogether, especially if he or she is trying to cover up driving under the influence, speeding, or another activity that is illegal when driving.

When the other party denies wrongdoing, it becomes a case or your word against his or her word. Before you let anyone take advantage of you, hire an auto accident attorney from the D’agostino & Associates to prove your version of events.

Accident Investigation

It is normal procedure for the police to investigate any serious accident in New York or New Jersey. The purpose of this is to determine if either driver broke any traffic laws that contributed to the accident. The police also want to know if the drivers involved ignored known service issues or whether an over-the-road truck driver violated hours of service rules. Once this investigation is complete, your personal injury attorney from D’agostino & Associates may also hire an independent accident investigator to determine liability for the crash.

Accident Reconstruction

In complex accident cases where liability isn’t readily apparent, we may choose to work with an accident reconstruction specialist. This person re-creates the accident by using physics to determine the speed, impact, and position of the involved vehicles. He or she also studies many other factors, such as skid marks, friction values, and distance each car traveled after impact.

Witness Interviews

People who witnessed the accident directly can provide valuable information that ultimately proves liability. When you work with our law office, you can rest assured that we use all resources at our disposal to show that you are the victim of negligence and deserve reasonable compensation for it.

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