Those who work in construction have one of they most dangerous jobs because they have a high risk of sustaining an on-the- job injury.

In fact, construction sites have the highest injury rate of all dangerous work environments, according to

Some of the most common construction accidents are:

Falls from Heights – The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports these accidents account for thirty-four percent of all on-the- job deaths of construction workers. This is because they usually perform job duties at high heights such as roof tops, ladders, or scaffolding.

Trench Collapses – Quite often construction sites have trenches when working with foundations, conduits, and utilities. However, if they’re not properly restrained, workers could be buried under the dirt making for a life-threatening situation. They could also be hit by machinery or tools.

Slips and Falls – Construction workers face many hazards that could cause a slip or fall such as debris, tools, or extra materials.

Fires and Explosions – Fires and explosions on construction sites occur because of incomplete electrical systems, leaking gases, or piping that’s not yet finished.

Getting Struck By a Motor Vehicle – Many construction sites are near highways or roads, which means workers are vulnerable to being hit by a distracted or speeding motorist, or one who couldn’t see the worker due to darkness.

Machinery – These accidents are usually caused by large or dangerous machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, or nail guns.

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