Thousands of dog bite claims are made in the US each year, but many go undocumented. It is estimated that over 5 million dog bite cases pass through hospitals a year in the US. Don’t let your chance at proper legal compensation fall through the cracks.

Build Your Case

After you are bitten by someone’s dog, it is important to be sure to get the information you need to build your case, so that you can receive proper compensation. The time shortly after the incident can be vital to building up proper evidence. You or a loved one should collect names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses; as well as that of the dog owner. Having both a number and an address makes it easier for them to be called upon if need be. The wounds made by the dog should be photographed soon after the attack.
You should also make a formal report to the local animal control center, and cooperate with the officers there. They may also be able to tell you if there have been similar cases with that dog/owner.

Seek Medical Assistance

See a doctor as soon as possible after the incident. A doctor will help you determine the severity of the injury, and can help prevent infection. If the injury is inflicted to your face, help from a plastic surgeon during recovery may be an option to consider. It is also important to see a doctor in the event that the dog was sick or had a disease, such as rabies.
If the dog has or might have rabies, seek proper medical treatment. If left untreated, rabies can cause fever and aches in it’s early stages; and nerve damage, comas, and even death in the later stages. It can take as little as 2 weeks to become severe enough to be deadly.
Follow any instructions the doctors give you and take all prescribed medications for the best possible recovery from your injuries.

Work with a Injury Firm you can Trust

When deciding which injury law firm should represent you, look for one that is well-versed in dealing with injury cases. Work with your attorney to determine the best course of action in the case as well as finding a reasonable value for compensation. Do not meet with the dog’s owner without a lawyer present. Do not sign anything from the owner or the owner’s lawyers without discussing it with your legal counsel first.
For over 25 years, D’Agostino & Associates, P.C. has been assisting people in the New York/New Jersey area with injury cases of all shapes and sizes; from dog bites to worker’s compensation. Bite Back with D’Agostino & Associates, P.C.