Unless you are prepared, legal recourse after a Hit and Run Accident can be a challenge. A Hit and Run Accident is where a driver, most often the one at fault, drives away after the accident. This is usually done to try to avoid legal action or insurance problems. Most victims of a Hit and Run assume that the driver can never be caught. The shock from a Hit and Run Accident alone can make it difficult to obtain proper information during it. But even with small amounts of information, a case can be made and the perpetrator found. With the right course of action, the other driver can be found.

Stay Put for Your Safety

When you are hit, you maybe injured or in shock. This is very normal. One of the last things going through your mind is that the driver who hit you is now speeding away. Do not chase after the other driver. In the event that you or your passengers are injured, you should definitely stay put. Your car may have sustained damage as well. While in shock from the crash, your heightened adrenaline can cause you to drive recklessly and unsafely.

Gather Information

It can be hard to get a good look at the getaway car. If you can, try to get a look at the vehicle. Licence plate numbers, even partial plates, are the best way to track down a driver. The make, model, color, etc. of the car can also be helpful. Try to gather as much of this information as possible. Witnesses may be helpful in gathering that information as well. It is alright if you could not identify anything about the other car. Don’t assume that you do not have a case without identifying the car in question. Make note of the date, time, and location of the accident.
If witnesses provide information, ask them for their contact information in the event that you need them to testify or make an official statement.

Contact the Authorities

Contact the police. They should take an official report. An ambulance should be requested if you or your passengers are injured. The police may be able to help further identify the vehicle via police cameras or by requesting security footage from businesses in the area.
The police may be able to connect your case to future cases, that may help identify the car; or to previously filed accidents. The police can be a great resource in finding the perpetrator.

Seek Legal Help

In most jurisdictions, including those in New York and New Jersey, a Hit and Run is a major crime. Injuries, death, car damage, property damage, and trauma can be reasons to pursue legal action against the other driver.
Once the other driver is identified and found, do not meet with them or other parties involved with them, such as their attorney, without your lawyer present. Do not sign anything from another party or that party’s lawyer without discussing it with your legal counsel first.
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